Penny Auctions, the difference between success or serfdom in the new economy.

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Where will the jobs come from in the new economy? There is a limit to how many jobs social media can provide. How about Penny Auctions, e-commerce, home delivered groceries, new computer based technology? In medieval times, the favoured few – royalty and various ranks of nobility, called the shots. The artisan class of craftsmen, entertainers, artists and merchants had an opportunity to improve their situation. The clergy were relatively safe but largely dependent on charity for their worldly needs.

The rest were serfs, their level of happiness or misery, even life or death, dictated by their masters.

If you lose your job, because it is outsourced to a low-cost supplier in a 3rd world economy or if the shifting economic tide sinks your business what will prevent you from becoming a 21st Century serf?

Here is an interesting video by Eric Worre which highlights how the numbers of jobs in various sectors of the economy in the developed world have shrunk dramatically in the last 100 years. Farming has gone from being the biggest employer to now only employing an estimated 1% of the workforce. Elevator attendants have disappeared completely and there have been huge reductions in manufacturing.

The situation is completely different in the less developed parts of the world. In most of Africa and parts of Asia, South and Central America, farming (frequently at just a subsistence level) is still a huge employer. The more successful countries like China, India and Brazil are following the same trend that has been established in the West. What happens when those countries run out of jobs as we in the West have done? Do we then turn to the next tier of developing countries like Indonesia and Vietnam for our cheap imports?

Eric Worre believes that employment can only be created by an expanding sector of entrepreneurs, small, flexible and (perhaps desperate) enough to drive innovation, support themselves and create some jobs. He makes the case for Network Marketing being the ideal marketing and distribution system for the products and services of those entrepreneurs. Social media and on-line marketing have changed the way many businesses market their products and services.

Not everyone succeeds in Network Marketing, most people will not become entrepreneurs. New careers and ways of surviving financially will emerge, just as many of the occupations of today were unheard of a few years ago. Just 10 years ago, I don’t recall any job titles that has “Social Media” in them. Different types of businesses using a version of Network Marketing are already emerging. Penny Auctions being a good example.

This disruption in the conventional employment pattern may well lead to the development of new industries and some of the still vibrant ones of today becoming the sunset industries of tomorrow, following the pattern of the old rust belt industries.

I have speculated in earlier posts that perhaps we are heading towards a 21st Century digitalized and largely on-line version of the medieval artisan system. An increasing share of the population becoming solo entrepreneurs, specialising, developing skills to create products or services that can be exchanged for value and marketing them on-line. Penny Auctions and grocery home delivery services could become important channels to sell and distribute physical products.

Big government will not like this trend, it is much more difficult to control a nation of individual operators than it is a regimented workforce categorised by industry. Incomes will be much harder to assess, taxes more difficult to collect, minds harder to brainwash.

Not every one will succeed as an entrepreneur, what happens to those that fail repeatedly, or those that don’t or won’t attempt to provide for themselves? Obviously there must still be some jobs as we know them today, medical and professional services, security, maintenance, various levels of government. But many of those might be contracted out to self-employed, small or solo businesses.

Back in medieval times  those who could not acquire or effectively use higher level skills became serfs.

The best protection against suffering the fate of a serf in the 21st Century is to develop a skill for earning an income before it becomes necessary. The best way I have found for doing this is through Zeek Rewards by promoting Penny Auctions. A very small investment gets you started, 4 minutes a day copying and pasting an advertisement keeps you in the profit share pool and you can see your investment growing every day.

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Check it out by clicking here Zeek Rewards it could be your best insurance policy against becoming a 21st Century serf. (affiliate link)


Wishing you success (and an escape from serfdom) in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright



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    Creating a personal long term relationship with your clients works like magic as
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