Lessons from a snake

Yesterday I learned a lesson from a snake – yes I really did.

Late morning, I was driving along a paved country road, the temperature was pleasantly warm, around 24 C (74F). There was this garter snake about 24 ” long near the shoulder, I slowed down to avoid running it over.

I often see snakes on the road on hot days in summer, so I thought that this one was just enjoying the warmth from the road. As I got closer, I noticed a large insect hovering about 6″ above the snake.

Suddenly, the snake lunged for the insect, lifting most of it’s body off the road. It was not successful, the insect got away and the snake slithered off into the bush.

It got me thinking, as far as I know, frogs and small rodents are the main diet of garter snakes, but this one saw an opportunity and went for it.

The snake did not waste time thinking about it, it just took action.

So do we take action when presented with an unusual opportunity, or do we find reasons for not acting?

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Wisjing you success in all your endeavours.

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