New Internet Marketers take 6 months for First Sale.

Baby Boomers thinking of launching an online business in 2011 should be encouraged by the results of a survey of 25000 North American online businesses by the small business website company.

The survey found that the average age of North American online entrepreneurs in 2010 was 46. This means that there are a lot of over 50 and even 60 year olds in the mix. Good news for our generation.

Revenue per sale for entrepreneurs in the under 30 age group averaged around 50%  more than for those over 30. Interesting, but nothing to worry about.

Average sales value at $114.37 for American businesses was 8% more than for Canadians. Not a big difference.

Two statistics that surprised me were: 

Men had an average revenue of $17 792 up to November 1 considerably higher than women entrepreneurs at $10 056 . This seems disappointing, but perhaps the reason is that according to the survey,  it took the average entrepreneur 6 months from starting online to get their first sale.

So if there are a whole lot of new entrepreneurs with no sales included in the survey result, there will be a significant  lowering of the average annual revenue.

If you are starting an online business in 2011, here’s a tool to shorten the learning curve, check it out for access to a range of free webinars other tips and ideas to help you beat the average and become successful more quickly. The webinars and tips are free but I will get a commission if you decide to become a paid member.

Wishing you success with all your endeavours in 2011.

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