Great Tactics or Joint Venture Overkill?

Balancing the need to stay informed on what is happening in the Internet Marketing Industry against spending too much time reading emails is a problem for many entrepreneurs. I subscribe to a number of ezines and newsletters, I may or may not read them all depending on my priorities for the day.

Last week, I noticed that I received emails promoting the same book from 5 different Internet Marketers. While agreeing that Joint Ventures and cross promotions are great marketing tactics that can often benefit both parties, I have to ask the question, when do multiple, simultaneous JV’s become overkill?

One of the driving forces in customers purchase decisions is the fear of losing out on a good deal. This is targeted by many successful marketers using the scarcity factor – only 397 copies left, offer expires at midnight etc.

So the message I get from receiving 5 sales pitches for the same product in one week, is that maybe this one is not selling too well and needs the combined efforts of many marketers to promote it.

I may be way off the mark here and I wish the author and all those promoting the book, every success.

I would be interested to see what others think.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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