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I recently wrote about two Internet Marketing systems, Empower Network on 23 March and The 10K Challenge on 13 April.

In response to questions from readers and other people struggling to get started as Internet Marketers, I decided to up date my recommendations on both systems.

First, Empower Network.

Here are the 3 main reasons I believed that Empower Network offered good value:

  • Everything is set up, just write the first post to get started.
  • Excellent and easy to follow training resources.
  • Cost of membership is lower than similar systems.

I still believe that Empower Network has its uses for people who want to get a start in Internet Marketing by getting their own blog up and running quickly and without high upfront costs. It is literally a case of sign up (less than $50) start typing and have a blog post published in less than an hour.

The system also provides detailed, easy to follow training with videos, a Facebook page, Skype group and frequent webinars or calls.

But after almost a month of trying the system, I cancelled my membership. I did this for two reasons:

Firstly, the “Digital Sharecropping” issue. Ownership of any and all content an individual member publishes on a syndicated blog belongs to the owners / publisher, not the individual member. It is the same reason that most serious bloggers host their blogs on their own domains and do not use a blogger or WordPress.com shared platform. The same reason why content published on Facebook or any other social media site is lost as soon as that account is closed.

While it may not seem a major problem at first, and most members probably do not join with the intention of cancelling their membership, it is still a potential problem. Imagine a year or two down the track, having sweated out 500 word posts 4 or 5 times a week, the system closing down for whatever reason, or the owners deciding to terminate your account. That would be a huge amount of creative work down the drain. Sure you can print out all your posts, copy them to some other form of electronic storage, but that is not the same as having them out on the web working for you.

Secondly, although initially it costs less than $50 to join and then as a subscription each month, that level of membership does not qualify a member for commissions on sales of the higher membership levels. What this means is that should someone join through your affiliate link and upgrade to a higher level before you do, you will lose out on that commission, it will by-pass you and benefit the person above you in the system.

The higher level memberships do include additional training and access to other resources. They may or may not be worth the higher fee, I did not feel like investing more to find out.

The bottom line.

The system can be good for two types of subscribers:

  • Totally inexperienced Internet Marketers or bloggers who want to get started quickly and are not looking to generate a huge income from promoting the system itself.
  • Those that are prepared to invest in a higher cost membership, are prepared to risk losing ownership of their content and are comfortable selling the upgrades.

I am no longer a member of the system, I like to retain control of my content and I like to know about all the costs and qualifications for earning commissions upfront.

It is still early days with the 10K Challenge. I am following the daily steps exactly so that I can give the programme a fair assessment.

The daily instructions are clear and explicit, very easy to follow. After 2 weeks, I am finding that it takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete the actions steps for the day which is more than the 35 minutes the programme stated originally.

I am still confident that this programme can help totally inexperienced people get an Internet Marketing business started. I also like the way it is structured with no payment for the first month. That gives new members the chance to learn the basics of on-line business and get started before investing money in the system.

If you are struggling to get started then check out this system today by clicking here. 10K Challenge


Peter Wright


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  1. Djava tech
    April 28, 2012 at 5:29 am

    Thank you,
    The given information is very effective.
    I’ll keep update with the same.
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  2. Toddtaylor
    April 28, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    I just started the 10k challenge myself, and like your blog, i have also seen the empowerer network but hae not tried it. I recently started a website/blog also and am trying to review different online marketing tools and training.

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