Cost and time effective Banner Ads.

No, this blog hasn’t suddenly gone ultra commercial, the banner ad is there for a purpose, this is a post about banners and banner ads for Internet Marketers.

An Internet contact told me about Cash in on Banners, it’s a free or very low-cost, way to get your banners shown on thousands of pages like this:


Banner advertising

Free members get 3 banners in the system and upgraded members 6 or 8 banners. The upgrade costs $10, but there are no admin costs, so by finding one new member to upgrade, your membership cost is covered. Get more people to join and you can actually earn an income from this.

For those of you who have not advertised on traffic exchanges, safelists or banner exchanges, you might well ask what is the incentive for internet surfers to visit banner sites or click on the banners. All three of these types of advertising are immensely popular with new internet marketers who cannot afford paid advertising, but have time to click for credits, or read traffic exchange ads for credits. Many of these visitors are still looking for that “Magic Bullet” opportunity that will make them rich.

Your banner ad might just convince them that your Internet Marketing or Network Marketing,  business opportunity, product or service, is THE ONE  and persuade them to click-through to your website or landing page. Despite many experts predicting the decline of banner ads, they are still a cost-effective and popular advertising tool.

Two benefits from Cash in on Banners make it different:

  • Set and forget, set it up and leave it to run. You only need to visit the site to check stats or change banners.
  • All new members must click on all your banners to qualify.
Is there a downside? Yes the obvious one, if the flow of new members stops, your banners will receive fewer visitors and the $10 payments will stop. But as long as you keep promoting your Cash in on Banners affiliate link, your banners will get exposure even if the visitors do not join.

Does it produce clicks? Yes, after 10 days some of my banners have been shown over 200 times. The ratio of clicks to views is between 1 and 3%. The first of my 4 new members only joined a few days ago which means that my views should go up considerably this week.

For a very small investment in both time and money, this is worth doing.

Here’s the link Cash in on Banners. Give it a test drive today.

I have to tell you that if you upgrade after joining from my link I will earn a commission.

Wishing you success.

Peter Wright







graphics from Cash in on Banners

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