Content Marketing and Counter Intuitive Cooperation

content marketingContent marketing is the latest tool getting publicity now. It’s taken over from blogging as the most recommended marketing activity for entrepreneurs and businesses.

You have probably seen the tagline “Content is King”

Should it be so highly recommended?

Should it be elevated to its current place as the most useful tool in the marketers tool box?

Like so many new ideas, it depends.

There is no question that search engines like good content. It follows that good content will bring visitors to websites, social media pages or brick and mortar businesses.

Here’s a link to an article on Content Marketing in the Search Engine Journal Just one interesting statistic in this article is that Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing

Good content marketing is more than just creating good content, with good SEO scores. It’s as important to publish that content in the right places.

This article deals with just one aspect of content marketing.

Cooperative Content Marketing

Cooperative Content Marketing can take many forms, one of the most effective is the eMagazine. As a member of one eMagazine and a partner for publishing another, I have personal experience of the effectiveness of this medium.

That experience also helps me understand the reluctance of some members to promote certain other members.

What is an eMagazine?

An eMagazine is a platform with a local or industry focus for members with complimentary businesses to publish content and share other members content so that each member benefits from the synergy of the collective social media and search engine exposure.

Examples of two eMagazines are HealthyWR and Home Services Hub.

Here’s how it works: Members publish new content to the magazine, their contact details are prominently displayed, other members share links to the new content on social media. The eMagazine platform or Klusster, makes it simple and quick for members to be notified of new content, share, track visitors.

Some members are nervous about being in the same magazine as competitors. That’s understandable.

However, the popularity of “auto malls” where competing car manufacturers have showrooms in the same location proves the old adage: “ A rising tide lifts all boats”. A prospective buyer may well move from your stand to your competitors and buy a car there. If your marketing is doing the job, other buyers will come from your competitor to you. That’s better for the industry than a buyer just visiting one stand-alone showroom and going home without buying.

Trade shows are another example of competitors all actively promoting their products and services in one place.

Other members cannot see the point in promoting non-complimentary businesses, professions or trades.

This is where we need to think counter intuitively.

A realtor may not see any advantage in promoting an auto repair workshop in the area he or she is active. Home service contractors like plumbers, electricians, lawn maintenance would seem a better fit.

However, that realtor’s new home buyer may be new to the area, may be looking for a reliable auto workshop and welcome a referral on a social media update from the realtor. That would make the auto workshop owner feel enthusiastic about sharing the realtor’s content with his social media contacts. The home owner could also be looking for a dentist, hairdresser, gym, veterinarian.

We will never know what other products or services our customers may need or want. By cooperatively sharing unrelated businesses’ content marketing, we can help our customers, other businesses and ourselves.

Another example, as an older male with no young grandchildren living nearby, I am a poor prospect for a children’s clothing store. However among my thousands of social media followers there are certain to be many people looking for children’s clothes. By sharing content from a children’s clothing store, I can send visitors to their eMagazine article.

It does not make sense to promote a direct competitor. Certain businesses, business practices, products or services may offend our values. Don’t promote them. But with those exceptions, we can cooperate with almost every type of unrelated business and achieve results for all of us.

To find out how to join one of our eMagazines or to discuss starting one for your industry, organisation or community, contact us through the eMagazines or by the contact page on this website. (on the menu).

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