Clever and Timely Mini Ad.

I have to thank a good friend and supporter Tim Gibney for showing me this amusing video and giving me the idea for today’s short post. Tim publishes some good tips on his blog at Business Marketing and Innovation Tips.

The video is a clever and timely advert for the Mini car, it supports the British Olympic team and combines the classic (London Philharmonic Orchestra) with the cheeky and irreverent Mini, complete with tuned hooters (horns). It is short but should make you smile, I hope you enjoy it.

The Mini has been positioned as a fun car right from its earliest models in the 1960s through various engine changes, minor design improvements until its re-emergence as a baby BMW in a Mini skin.

That image helped by movies, The Italian Job and its re-make the most notable. Huge successes as the Mini Cooper version in races and rallies added to the magic of the little car. Most baby boomers will have some “Mini Memories”. I certainly do.

When Minis were still new enough to be a novelty (and considered “Girls” cars) in the late 1960’s I remember being asked to drive an elderly neighbour’s Mini with her and a couple of her friends as passengers, to the next town. It was an original 850 cc model, not very fast, approaching our destination, one of the rear rubber suspension “doughnuts” gave out. We finished the last few kilometres with the body rubbing on the wheel. I distinctly remember muttered comments about teenage drivers. I don’t think I have ever been in a Mini since.




Together with the VW Beetle, the Mini must be one of the two most iconic cars still in production. Will any of the current look-a-likes ever achieve that status?

Just shows how successful brands become when elevated to cult status, Mac computers, iPhones, the Apple brand, Nike shoes, Coke, all brands that are recognised everywhere and given almost mythical properties by their millions of fans.


Another friend has just joined the blogging world, Bill Moody is a mortgage expert and publishes some good advice on his new blog. If you have any questions about mortgages, give him a visit at Bill Moody Mortgage.

Good to see more small businesses and professionals recognising the importance of a blog for communicating with new and existing customers and clients.


Peter Wright






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  1. August 17, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Hi Peter,

    Yes – I do agree. This is one of those great ads that manages to stand out –
    well planned and executed marketing from the people at mini – Full complements
    to them.

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