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There’s a lot of buzz on the web, the social media sites and in the blogs about “Attraction Marketing” so what is it? Is it a brand new 21st century phenomenon? Or is it a concept that’s been around since the dawn of mankind that’s just been dusted off and re-packaged?

Perhaps it’s a bit of both or a lot of both. New concepts, in business and in life in general, tend to get developed, tried by the early adopters, accepted by a large body of users, then often neglected in favour of the newest flavor of the month.

Years or even generations later, some of these get dusted off, rediscovered and re-packaged as the latest solution.

I’d hazard a guess that our cave man ancestors used “Attraction Marketing” to attract the best mates, the survival of the species depended on it.

Before the days of mass media advertising, how did successful businesses thrive? By producing goods of better value and word of mouth (referral) marketing.

More recently, in the 70’s when many businesses changed from a Sales to a Marketing philosophy, what were the questions being asked? Find out what the customer wants and find a way to give it to them which satisfies the customers needs and is profitable for the producer.

So has a lot changed? not really, but many of the “Attraction Marketing” promoters are selling a system to help people get started in an online business. There are some good systems around, but they are just tools to work with.

Like anything worthwhile in life, the tools won’t get the job done on their own, any business needs work, creative thinking and action.

For a system that does provide some first class tools and training on how to use them, check out the system I use here  

Wishing you success in all your endeavours

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