The Movember Movement

I rarely promote charities or causes on this blog, however the exception is the Movember Movement. It’s that time of year again so this is my request for donations.

prostate cancer











November sneaked up on me so stealthily, that I forgot that it is actually Movember. What  a setback, I have lost eight whole days of valuable moustache growing time. The spectacular moustache I have grown for the last two years will be severely handicapped, it will be a shadow of its former glory.

For readers unfamiliar with the Movember movement, it is a fun way to raise funds for prostate cancer and mental health research. As a baby boomer, prostate cancer and mental health are both concerns, recent tests confirm I am free of the former, there is some doubt about the latter. Male supporters are challenged to grow a moustache for the month of November. Female supporters are asked to encourage the males in their family or social circles and not laugh if the results are less than impressive. It is all in a good cause.

Here is evidence of my effort last year.

prostate cancer

My effort for Movember








Despite suggestions that I resort to using cosmetics to darken my moustache for increased visibility, I prefer the authentic touch. For the record, most of my hair is still naturally dark. My moustache and beard started going grey in my thirties, eyebrows more recently.

An innovative young company that takes the tedium out of razor and razor blade buying for men Dollar Shave Club  (check out the amusing video on the link) by offering a subscription service, has offered an incentive for Movember supporters in the USA. They will donate $10 to Movember for every new subscriber who signs up with a promotion code from this link Dollar Shave Club . Unfortunately, they are unable to extend this offer beyond the USA this year, but their generosity is appreciated and if you are a regular razor buyer, or if you are supporting the Movember movement in the USA, please check out their site.

Please help me raise money for this important cause by going to my Movember site and donating, every dollar helps.

That’s it for today, short and sweet, not like this guy’s hair.


Another Hairy Mo Bro








Remember to encourage any moustache growers out there this month, no matter how weedy or sparse the results.


Peter Wright

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