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Peter Wright spent most of his life in Southern Africa. His corporate career included marketing management in large and small companies. This was followed by establishing and running his own small factory and an export trading business. He travelled extensively in Southern and Central Africa until civil war in 2 major markets wiped out the export business. Peter then became a farmer in Zimbabwe.In 2002 he became a casualty of the government's illegal and violent policy of driving commercial farmers off their farms, losing the farm and all his assets. Arriving in Canada with 2 suitcases and a horse saddle, Peter survived initially by helping farmers with greenhouse and irrigation work then started in Network and Internet Marketing, Blogging, writing, speaking and coaching. Peter has been a horse owner all his life, played Polo-Crosse and Polo, run marathons and ultra-marathons. He also survived a heart attack in 2010. With his wide and deep experience of different cultures and his exposure to the good and bad extremes of human behaviour, Peter has a unique ability to help people find solutions in their personal and professional lives.

Poetic justice for Mugabe.

Poetic Justice for Mugabe. This week saw the end of Robert Mugabe’s brutal 37 year dictatorship in Zimbabwe. He has been replaced by his former ally in the ZANU PF terrorist movement Emerson Mnangagwa. Poetic justice because Mugabe’s downfall was…

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